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Welcome to the Carson Valley Chapter #72 IFA Website!

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04/15/2023 Posted April 2023 Newsletter
Updated Meeting Schedule

REMINDER: IFA #72 is still in need of identifying a new Webmaster who will maintain the website on a regular basis.

Our old webmaster, Don McRoberts has moved from the area and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Please contact Dianne Ford, Bev Anderson or Kate Brown if you are interested in handling this vital position for our organization.

To make reservations for any IFA #72 Membership activity (i.e., Dinner/Meetings, Picnics, etc.)
please refer to the RSVP instructions towards the bottom of this webpage.
NOTE: All Monthly Meeting Venues have been mapped for your convenience. To view the maps, go to the "Meetings" menu item above or click the "Meetings" link below. Then, click on the name of the desired venue to view a map of that venue. You can also create driving directions from the Google map shown.


NOTE: Scanned copies of old IFA #72 newsletters from June of 1991 through October of 2006 are now available for your viewing pleasure. Some issues are not available or are incomplete and difficult to read due to poor image qualities. Click the link below to see the list of all archived IFA #72 Newsletters.

*** How to RSVP for all IFA #72 Meetings and Events ***
Select the "Contact Us" menu item and fill-in the form as follows:

  • Under Person to Contact, select "Meeting RSVP - Virginia Irlikis",
  • Under Senders Name, enter your first and last name,
  • Under Senders E-Mail Address, enter your email address,
  • Under Subject,
    • If you WILL be attending the meeting, select "YES - Attending Next Meeting"
    • if you WILL NOT be attending the meeting, select "NO - Not Attending Next Meeting"

  • In the Message area please enter the number of people attending and, if you are bringing guests, please enter their first and last names so we can a have name tag ready for them when they arrive.
  • Additionally: If there are Dinner Menu Selections asked for, please include your selections in the Message area. See the latest newsletter for Dinner Menu Selections.

The "Contact Us" menu item can also be used to leave
feedback and comments to various members of the IFA staff.

Our mailing address is:

IFA Carson Valley Chapter #72, Inc.
P.O. Box 2242
Minden, NV 89423-2242

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