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Community Support

Our chapter regularly contributes to programs at the Douglas County Sheriff's Department, the agency responsible for all local law enforcement in the Carson Valley area. For example, we have donated money for the Sheriff's Canine Program, the Sheriff's Chaplaincy Program to help fund uniforms for their Chaplains, the Sheriff's Citizen's Patrol Program, and the Sheriff's Search and Rescue Program. These programs are either marginally supported or not funded at all by the county, but exist based on contributions from the community. A list of donations made to the community since 1991 is shown below.

Date Department Program Amount
June 2021 Douglas County Sheriff's Office Search & Rescue $1000.00
April 2021 Douglas County Sheriff's Office Good Neighbor Program $1000.00
June 2019 Douglas County Sheriff's Office Good Neighbor Program $2000.00
June 2018 Douglas County Sheriff's Office Virtual FATS equipment - Maintenance, Service, Adjust/Recalibrate Systems, and Refresher Training $2000.00
May 2017 Nevada State Prison Preservation Society Prison and Museum Project $1000.00
May 2016 Douglas County Sheriff's Office Paint, signage and identification decals for SWAT vehicle (obtained from U.S. Military at no cost) $1000.00
Radar unit brackets for all patrol vehicles $300.00
Bar code scanner to process DNA swabs from sex offenders $200.00
June 2015 Douglas County Sheriff's Office DCSO Explorer's regional competition expenses. $1800.00
July 2014 Douglas County Sheriff's Office Douglas County Search & Rescue (equipment needs) $2000.00
July 2013 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Douglas County Secret Witness Program $2600.00
May 2012 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Firearms Training Simulator system $3000.00
March 2011 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept "High Gear" Training Suit
  (allows replication of real-life confrontations w/o injury to officers).
April 2010 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Advanced AV system for training room.
  Two laptop computers for Commercial Enforcement/Interdiction in the field.
May 2009 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Care Trak - additional wrist/ankle transmitters $1245.30
June 2008 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Care Trak - an electronic tracking system for at risk citizens $1500.00
June 2007 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Amplifier for use by Crisis Negotiation Team $500.00
Laser meter for crime scene measurements $449.00
Communications equipment $1350.00
Expense money for 2 DCSO Explorers to attend federal law enforcement academies in Wash DC $700.00
June 2006 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Canine Program $2000.00
June 2005 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Secret Witness Program $2400.00
June 2004 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Digital Camera Kits $1500.00
June 2003 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Citizen's Patrol $200.00
Taser Weapon Systems $2000.00
May 2002 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Canine Program $500.00
May 2002 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Citizen's Patrol $500.00
May 2002 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Search & Rescue $1000.00
May 2001 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept "A Fighting Chance" - a program to deter & prevent child abductions $500.00
September 2000 Private Family Family Medical Expenses - DCSO Explorer acquired a life-threatening illness $500.00
September 2000 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Search & Rescue $1000.00
November 1999 Douglas County Sheriff's Dept Chaplain Program $600.00

Since 2004, our chapter has awarded a Service Recognition Award each quarter to an outstanding area peace officer or firefighter, as nominated by the agency, for "dedicated and sustained professional service." This program has been very successful and is expected to continue.

Our chapter conducts a "Pot of Gold" raffle at each of our ten dinner meetings throughout the year (every month except July and December). This enables us to make an annual donation or donations to projects approved by the membership. Typically, these projects are public safety related, and are either unfunded or under funded by the appropriate level of government.

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